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Begin your day with a “Morning Glory Eatery” menu and rest assured, you are starting your day off on the right track. The owner’s of Pappagallo’s, your favorite local pizza spot are at it again. Dave and Tricia Rich are the proud owners of Morning Glory and they will be serving all of your beachside favorites.

When you combine years of experience creating amazing meals with a new and improved breakfast menu, amazing things can happen! After all, didn’t your mother ever tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Our mothers did.

However, it wasn’t until we realized how much other people love breakfast as much as we do that we determined creating a breakfast menu and making breakfast options available for our local community was exactly what we need to do next. We wanted to take our years of experience in the restaurant industry and bring it to our community to start your day off on the right path.

We loved creating the menu. This is great for us because this allowed us to try different things and take our expertise in a completely different area of eatery. We are beyond proud to present to you, the new and mouth watering Satellite Beach Florida Breakfast menu brought to you by Morning Glory.